Conference Venue

Hosting Institution and Conference Venue

The hosting institution of the Conference is the “Université du Québec à Montréal” (UQAM) through its Department of Computer Science. UQAM is an urban university in the heart of French North America. It offers a broad selection of high-quality innovative study programs and cutting-edge research with an international outreach in multiple fields such as arts, communications, education, management, political science and law, science, and social sciences. Many of the 300 study programs are unique not only in Quebec and Canada but also in North America.

A window on the world, UQAM integrates an international dimension in all its programs, and attracts students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. UQAM was the host of well-known international conferences such as WWW2016, UMAP2012, EDM2008 or ITS2008. It has permanent collaboration with more than 380 institutions in 63 countries, and is a member of multiple academic and research networks all over the world. UQAM is ranked 1st in Quebec and 6th in Canada in terms of research funding and has been awarded numerous prizes and distinctions.

It is also a pioneer in the development of many innovative areas of study and research with unique areas of expertise contributing to its institutional identity, such as Public Relations, Actuarial Science, Sexology, Social Law, Design and Visual Arts, Feminist Studies, Social Economy, Health, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

The conference will take place in on of the meeting rooms of UQAM which will be announced shortly.